Welcome to one of the most enticing nooks on the Black Sea Coast called Kiten /Pretty/.
The resort is situated on a picturesque peninsula 5 km south of the town of Primorsko, between two picturesque gulfs that outline both the beaches, the north one, Atliman, looks out on Primorsko, and the south one, Urdoviza, bears the name of the peninsula on which the settlement has sprung up.
The unique combination of the fresh broad-leaved forests, spacious beaches, beautiful sand dunes and steep rock shores, is an extremely favourable factor for development of tourism in Kiten.
The climate is continental and Mediterranean. The average daily temperature in the summer is 27 oC. The summer is warm with 1,700 hours of sunshine from May to October.
A mineral spring gushes in the resort which water has powerful curative properties. The Arkutino Preserve and the Ropotamo River is the other landmark in its proximity.